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Saturday, November 22, 2014

฿itckerz First Payout

Hi, as per the rules of  ฿itckerz every member should purchase an ad worth at least $3 to receive their first payout. You can purchase either 2500 clicks (5 sec) for $3 or 600 clicks (20 sec) for $3. This rule is for first payout only. You do not have to purchase anything for your subsequent payouts. I have noticed that even after sending several messages regarding first payout rule some members are still requesting a payout without following this rule so I have decided to make a list of members who are eligible to receive their first payout. If you have purchased an ad for $3 then your name will be added here and you will receive your first payout. If you do not find your name here then you have not purchased an ad for $3 and you will not receive your first payout. Thank you.


1. bj70 - $3.94 Paid

2. xxy008x - $1.04 Paid

3. huzw1995

4. vencivtg72

5. kalina

6. jmwkijqv

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

฿itckerz Investment Contest

Hi, we are launching our first investment contest. All members can participate. Members can invest any amount between 0.003 BTC to 0.3 BTC. Investors will receive 100% refund on their investment with interest based on the duration of their investment:

3% For 7 Days + 1 Rented Referral For 30 Days + 50 Ad Clicks

6% For 14 Days + 2 Rented Referrals For 30 Days + 100 Ad Clicks

9% For 30 Days + 3 Rented Referrals For 30 Days + 300 Ad Clicks

12% For 45 Days + 4 Rented Referrals For 30 Days + 500 Ad Clicks

So far this is the best offer at Bitckerz. I hope you all  will utilize this opportunity.

Investments should be made to this Xapo e-mail id: payments@bitckerz.com

Before investing send me a ticket with these details:

1. The amount you are going to invest.
2. The Bitcoin address through which you are investing.
3. Details about the ad you want to place on Bitckerz (link and a short description)

Once your investment is confirmed, rented referrals will be added to your account and your ad will be activated immediately.

The list of investors will be added here:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

What Is Bitckerz?

Hi, I have posted some updates on the official page of Bitckerz, but they all are in different sections so you may find it difficult to gather all the information at once. So to give you a clear cut picture about Bitckerz I have chosen my own personal blog as the offical blog of Bitckerz. Here you will find all the minute details about Bitckerz in a single post.

What is Bitckerz?

Bitckerz is a Bitcoin PTC (Paid To Click) Website. Our motto is "In Bitcoin We trust"

Why Should I Join Bitckerz?

Bitckerz Offers Its Members A Whole New World Of Earning Opportunities:

1. No Membership Restrictions
2. Peer-To-Peer Lending
3. Monthly Lucky Draw (100 Rented Referrals Each For 5 Lucky Members)
4. Earn Up To 0.05/Click
5. Earn By Trying Your Luck On AdGrid
6. Earn By Doing Simple Tasks
7. Simply Earn By Reading E-mails
8. Instant Payment Through CoinBase

How To Join Bitckerz?

Simply join by clicking this link, Bitckerz - In Bitcoin We Trust

Why Should I Advertise On Bitckerz?

The whole concept of Bitckerz is centered around Bitcoins, in simple words this site is specially designed to attract Bitcoin enthusiasts so if your business is in anyway related to Bitcoins then you should advertise here because by doing so you will not only get quality visitors to your site, but these visitors will stay with your site for a long period of time.

1. Choose From A Variety Of Affordable Packages
2. Access Detailed Statistics Of Your Campaign
3. Demographic Targeting
4. Premium Only Filter
5. Free Outside Visitor Clicks
6. Advanced Anti-Cheat Protection

What Kind Of Advertisements Does Bitckerz Offer?

1. Paid to click (PTC) advertising.
2. Paid to read (PTR) advertising.
3. Banner rotator advertisng.
4. Announcement advertisng.
5. Microjobs.
6. TextAds Campaigns.

How to Advertise On Bitckerz?

Bitckerz advertising privileges are only available to its members so after signing up just click this link and choose what kind of advertisement you want to purchase, Advertise

Which Payment Gateway Does Bitckerz Use?

All the purchases and payments are processed through CoinBase. If you do not have a Coinbase account then just create one by clicking this link, CoinBase

How To Place A Withdrawal Request?

After CoinBase signup, retrieve your Bitcoin address and save it. I will send your payment to this address. If you want you can also create a vault in your CoinBase account to deposit your funds.

Whenever you want to request a payout just send a ticket containing your name and your CoinBase address, I will transfer your payment within an hour. After confirming your payment please take a screenshot of the message you received from me and upload it on the payment proofs section.

Are There Any Rules To Qualify For Payout?

Yes, to receive your first payment it is compulsory that you purchase a PTC advertisement pack. The purchase should be made through CoinBase. Purchases made through purchase balance would not be considered valid. You can choose any package. This rule has been implemented because a majority of PTC members are just die hard clickers, but as a member of Bitckerz you should also participate in advertising; clicking and advertising go hand in hand .

What About The Fluctuation in BTC Rates?

The amount of Bitcoins you receive will be based on the Bitcoin to USD conversion rate at that particular time.

Is There Any Fee For Withdrawing Funds?

Most of the times there is a small amount of fee to be payed for Bitcoins transactions, usually it is 0.0002 BTC (0.10 cents), sometimes they allow transactions without any fee. While transferring your payment request if I have to pay the fee for a successful transaction then I will deduct this small amount from your payment. Neither me nor CoinBase benefit from this fee, it goes directly to the miners. If you are lucky then you will get the whole amount.

How To Pay For An Advertisement Package?

Log into your CoinBase account and choose the send money option, enter the Bitckerz Coinbase address and click send.

Bitckerz CoinBase Address: 13DHU877EnKy8uvCg2NSWNcSPhdCuMuLLz

Within a few seconds your funds will be transferred and after verifying I will confirm your purchase. While transferring funds you can also send a message through your Coinbase account regarding your purchase.

UPDATE: Bitckerz has enabled BlockChain for purchases.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SFI - Real Internet Income

If you have been trying to earn money online, then you might have heard about SFI (Strong Future International). There are three possibilities, either you joined SFI and now are earning a decent income from it, or you joined SFI and left it because you found it to be too complex and confusing, or you are one of those unlucky people who have never heard about SFI. If you belong to the second and third category then let me explain why you should join SFI and stick with it.

SFI is an absolutely free affiliate program which has been in business for over 15 years now! Unlike other affiliate programs you do not have to spend a dime to join this amazing site, everything is free, including the extensive training that SFI offers. You do not have to sell or buy anything to earn commissions. The only thing SFI asks from its members is commitment. By commitment, I mean you have to be active on this site on a day-to day-basis. Why? Because SFI affiliate program revolves around earning points (VersaPoints), the more points you accumulate the more commissions you will earn, as simple as that.

When I joined SFI, I found it to be very complex at first glance, lots of sections, articles etc and I thought I could never become an Internet marketer with SFI, but this video provoked me to change my mind.

This 6 minute video explains the whole concept of SFI. After I had finished watching this video, I found SFI to be really simple, I clicked on my to-do-list and finished all the tasks and earned 1500 points! As soon as I reached 1500 points, I got a confirmation e-mail from SFI that they have promoted me to Executive Affiliate rank and I was rewarded with two co-sponsored affiliates under me :)

You need 1500 points to become an executive affiliate and I accumulated these points in just 24 hours. Lots of people from different parts of the world join this site daily, but most of them fail to understand the simple concept of SFI. According to me, SFI is the most simplest affiliate program in this whole world and I believe that if you cannot make it big in SFI then you are not fit enough to become an Internet marketer with any other affiliate programs.

Join now and become an executive affiliate within a day and start earning commissions immediately. If you join under me then I will give you all the necessary tips on how to become an executive affiliate and how to expand your marketing as well sponsoring skills.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

PaidVerts: The Next Gen PTC

I am a member of many of the popular PTC sites like Neobux, Probux, ClixSense etc. While I was surfing ads in of one these sites I came across the homepage of PaidVerts. I was just about to close the page after the timer has run its course when I saw the motto of PaidVerts, "Prove Your Value, and Interact With Advertisers To Earn Instantly". This increased my curiosity about this site because I had never seen any PTC site with such a tagline. I had wasted my precious time on many other fake PTC sites so I thought why not let us give this site a try and I signed up. After reading their FAQ section I was literally surprised because this site is entirely different compared to any other PTC sites.

First of all you have to earn activation bonus ad points. You will receive 8 bonus ads daily, each worth 50 points, so a total of 400 bonus ads daily. The more bonus points you have the more paid ads you will receive. Here comes the surprise, if you have 1000 bonus points then you will surely receive a single ad which is worth 25 cents. I am so damn sure because today my points were 1450 and I received an ad worth 18 cents and 6 ads worth 2 cents and 5 ads worth 1 cent, is not it amazing? To earn from this site you do not have to get direct referrals or rented referrals, the only think this site asks from you is be active. Click bonus ads daily and you will be earning in dollars in a week. I do not usually write about PTC sites because I am not sure about the genuinity of most of these sites, but I will highly recommend this site because the admin of this site owns the mytrafficvalue and this site has a very good reputation. PaidVerts is the future of PTC. If you are interested you can use the below link to join:


PaidVerts PaidVerts PaidVerts

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Top 10 Most Genuine PTC Sites 2014


These PTC sites will be the most profitable for you in the year 2014.











WordLinx - Get Paid To Click


Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Dream

In my dream, I travelled a thousand miles,
Far far Away from the realm of sanity,
Here, lies are truth and truth are lies,
Nothing to hold on to, no humanity.

Nothing, just darkness, pitch-darkness,
a sense of primal fear,
Blankness, loneliness, emptiness,
Somebody get me out of here.

My voice reverberating back, hitting something near,
Fear, fear, fear,
I am living someone else's dream,
Scream, scream, scream.

Just a faint echo this time,
Alas! The darkness feeding on my thoughts and fear,
Why, what was my crime?
Somebody get me out of here.

Nothing, just vacuum travelling through my ears,
Nothing, hours into days, days into months, months into years,
A never ending dream,
Scream, scream, scream.