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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Art Of Peeing

Don't get me wrong. The title may be a little offensive but I can't help it. After reading this article you will also agree that this is the most apt title for this content. You will be thinking, how can peeing be considered an art. Till yesterday, I also considered peeing as a boring process of discharging urine from the bladder but after doing some research I found that peeing is not only an art but the person who is peeing is also an artist. There are seven different types of peeing arts and I must confess that I am a peeing artist. After reading this article, you will find that you are also an peeing artist. To know what kind of peeing art you perform read the following peeing arts.

1. The Thinker

This is one of the most common art of peeing. You might have come across such peeing artists in public urinals. The characteristic features of a peeing thinker is his composed look with his head thrown back. His eyes might be closed as if he is in some deep thinking process. What is he thinking? It may be anything from household issues to rocket science but one thing is sure that peeing thinkers can't pee without thinking or is it vice versa. Most of the peeing thinkers are middle aged people who are so burdened with their thoughts that they can't stop thinking even while peeing.

2. The Whistler

The whistler is a person who whistles nonchalantly while peeing. They are also a common sight in public urinals. Normally a person whistles when he is happy but what makes a person whistle while peeing in a public urinal. Is it the strong smell of ammonia and naphthalene balls that arouses his happiness? Some research's have proved that whistling in public urinals is a sign of inferiority complex. Whistling helps them to pretend that they are not actually there. It is true that lot of youngsters whistle while peeing but is it due to inferiority complex or some other reason, only they can tell.

3. The Paranoid

A paranoid pisser is a person who holds some foreign object between his knees while peeing. There are two reasons for this kind of behaviour. The first one is quite simple, the person didn't want to get his things stolen while attending nature's call. So, he ducks it between his legs. The second one is complex and psychological. Some studies have proved that holding a foreign object between the knees of a person helps him to concentrate his mind and body to the task at hand, i.e. peeing.

4. The Fumbler

The fumbler is a person who has just realised that his peeing organ is missing. A person who happens to see a fumbler will think that the man is fumbling with his zipper but a person who is observing this fumbler for quite a long time will understand his misery. It is a fact that we all have at least for once played the role of a fumbler in our life. This happens when our body is exposed to cold conditions. So, a majority of people working in air conditioned spaces are fumblers.

5. The Aimer

One of the most awkward postures in the art of pissing is that of an aimer. As the name signifies, an aimer is a person who is so sure of his aim that he keeps both of his hands on his hips while peeing. An aimer might consider his posture as cool but in the eyes of the on lookers, it is an arrogant posture. Studies have proved that aimers are attention seeking people. They want to get the attention of people in each and every matter and peeing is one of them.

6. The Watcher

The watchers are the most common peeing artists found all over the world. Most of us have encountered watchers while peeing. Studies have proved it to be a natural competitive behaviour found in men. If the studies are true then the competition is to see who pees first.

7. The Talker

Have you ever participated in debates with fellow beings while peeing in public urinals? If yes, then you are a peeing talker. A peeing talker can be any person who wants to bond with a stranger while peeing but studies have proved that people from corporate background are the most talkative while using a public urinal. You can''t blame them because people working in corporate companies have the habit of chatting with their colleagues during breaks and they have simply carried this habit to the urinals.

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