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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Serenity - A Unique Love Story CHAPTER - 2

“As the earth dies your spirit will bloom; as the world fades your soul will rise and glisten. Amongst the dehydrated crevices of a desert earth you will stumble upon your diamonds; in between the dry skulls and cracked bones you will find your sapphires.”

"Why are you so bitter? You look a thousand years old when really you're what, 17? What's caused this? You should be enjoying all the things like the sky or the way the birds chirp every morning. Some people even didn't wake up today. Do you realise what they would give just to see the sunset one more time?" - Serenity Banks

I'm sure that you all enjoyed the first chapter of "Serenity". You are now familiar with the characters of this unique love story and know about their social life and school life but their personal life is still an enigma for you. I know you all want to know why they are behaving like this and what is going on through their minds. “Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” As the story progresses, you will come to know about their pasts and you might even be able to make a wild guess about their futures. So, here I present to you the second chapter of Serenity written by Lori McDermett, an angel.



After a two hour lecture from my uncle about how I can't be late today, I finally decided to give in and just be on time. So here I'm at 7:55 waiting on Saint Serenity. I see uncle Don walking with some girl towards me, discussing the papers in her hand. As they get closer I notice how angelic she looks. She looks so calm and carefree. I'm soon forced back into reality when I see her waving in my face.

"Oh, hey I'm Cole. Cole Haven, I will show you around but if you end up on someones hit list today, don't blame me." She does the unthinkable then. She laughs and pulls me into a hug. I NEVER do physical contact. EVER. But for some reason this feels nice. She pulls away and smiles.

"So to English then?"

"Is that your first class?"

"Yup, I have the same schedule, so it would be easier for you." I turned and motioned her to follow. She is soon on my heels asking fifty questions a second.

"Where's all the lockers? Is that the only bathroom? What's for lunch today? Are we close to English yet? Why aren't you talking?"

I sigh. "Because I'm thinking."

She cocks her eyebrow. "What are you thinking about?"

That made me stop. What was I thinking about? I always have thoughts but why can't I remember? Was I really listening? No that can't be, I would have to care to listen. I shook my head and walked into the English room.

"This is the English room. Mrs. Pew is our teacher and you can sit anywhere you'd like to." I then make my way to my regular seat pulling out my spiral when I felt a presence join me. It's her.

"Now what Serenity?"

"You said anywhere. So, I chose the spot next to you." She said so innocently. But she doesn't understand I like being alone with nobody bothering me. It's easy that way. I can get things done faster and more sufficiently. She's now staring at me waiting for a response. When she gets none, she reaches in her bag and pulls out what she needs and some sanitiser. I watch curiously as she squeezes some onto her hand and then offers some to me. I shake my head and she just shrugs and puts it away. I'm just about to question this when in walks the cow herself.

"Good morning class. Today we have a new student. Her name is Serenity Banks. I trust you to treat her as an equal. And it's nice of you to actually be on time Mr. Haven."

"You know how much I love seeing your glowing self every morning." I reply cheekily. She walks to her desk and pulls out a clipboard and begins her lesson. I tune her out until I hear Serenity squeal. I look at her as if saying what the hell. She giggles and explains.

"Weren't you listening? We are all assigned to learn a scene from a Shakespeare sonnet and perform with the person sitting next to us. She just assigned us Romeo and Juliet! Isn't that great!?!" Sunshine is practically spitting out her every word. Is she actually this excited over a scene from Romeo and Juliet? I just grunt in response.

"Oh, cheer up this is great!!! I love Rome and Juliet. the fact they were willing to die just to be together is just true passion." Her eyes twinkling as she speaks. Her voice smooth and creamy. Wait, I didn't just say that. Ugh, I'm turning into a crazy girl by hanging around this chick. I've got to get out of here. I stand up as soon as the bell rings and try to make my escape.

"Cole, wait up." She yells as she jogs over earning herself a few glares but she just smiles back at them as if not noticing their menacing stares.

"So, what did you do to make them all hate you so much?" She questions. "It's not every day you see such anger pouring out of the aura."

I look at her straight in the eyes. "Some things are better left unknown." And then I head to robotics, when Shawn decides to show up and attempt his slice at me.

"Hello Cole, aren't you going to introduce me to your new friend?" He asks looking her up and down. It's as if he is removing all her clothes. I look at her to see if she realises it but of course she only has that bright happy gaze of joy on her face.

I roll my eyes at him.

"For starters I would never do such a horrible thing to her, for I know the consequences of knowing you. And secondly she is not my friend. She is more than capable of answering herself." He laughs at this and slaps my shoulder.

"Oh that's our Cole, alright. I'm Shawn. And you're?"

"Serenity. Serenity Banks. You wouldn't happen to be Shawn Harp. Would you?" Something new was written across her face. Like a hint of anger. But she masks it well to where most people would fall for this.

"Yes, I'm." He gives her a cocky smile. So you've heard of me?"

She smiles,"Oh, well in that case..." She grabs some random kids drink and dumps it on him. "I prefer it if you would stay the hell away from me." And she grabbed my hand, leaving me dumbstruck and pulled me to our next class.

"LUNCH OH HOW I'VE MISSED YOU!" I scream as I dive into my nachos and pudding. Serenity laughs at this. I look up to everyone staring at her, so I clear my throat.

"Everyone, this is Serenity. She just moved here so stop staring at her as if she's a caged animal." I snap. They all look away mumbling their apologies to her. Then Liz is the first to speak.

"Hi, I'm Liz, I didn't mean to weird you out but it's just that no one ever sits with us." Everyone nods their heads in agreement. But being the strange person she is turning out to be, she smiles brightly at all of them.

"Well, it's their loss now. Isn't it? So what's the rest of your names?"

"I'm Alice and I like you. I can tell there is something special about you." And they shake hands.

"I'm Zane and I'm extremely busy at the moment. About to have another...BREAKTHROUGH! Oh schools security is weak." She giggles and looks towards Max and he blushes.

"I'm Max. And I'm also very sorry for staring. It's just beautiful people like you never come around. You have the brightest eyes I've ever seen. Just wow." He looks at her and awe and I glare at him sending him the message to back off.

"Thank you Max. It's lovely to meet all of you." Now everyone is back to eating and it's silent other than the sound of Serenity's humming. I will never understand this one...

Finally the day is over. I'm done with my time with the princess of happiness. I start walking my way towards home when I see a shadow appear next to me. And do you know, it's Serenity.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"Well, that's no way to treat your neighbour now, is it?" She smirks at me. My jaw drops. She lives next door? No. No way is that possible. So I'm stuck with her at school and then at home. Wait, how does she know where I live? Then as if she's reading my mind, she states,

"I saw you while unpacking yesterday. You were in your own little world, not caring about what's going on around you." Well now that I think about it, I was in a rush to get away from hell on earth. I was probably consumed in thoughts.

"Oh..." Was all I said. we finally reach the front of our two houses and she just looks at them.

"Do you live alone?" My body froze instantly. I haven't spoke about my family since it all happened. So I took the cheap way out on this and kept it vague.

"No." Simple, yet it gets the message across quite clearly. She looks as if she wants to press it but decides against it. And as if flash of a bright idea struck her, she runs inside. I then start making my way towards the door when I hear her shout at me. I turn and she's standing next to me.

"You want to go some place?" And in that moment something changed between us. Maybe for the good, Maybe for the worst. So, I branch out on a limb and go with my gut for the first time.


"SLOW DOWN!!! I'm not running my way up this hill no matter how hard you drag me." I'm exhausted and she pushing my limits isn't exactly what I call fun. Let me fill you in. After I agreed to go somewhere, she decided we can start an adventure. So far we have ran all over the town, had some coffee, chased birds, outran some dogs and now she is dragging me up a hill so we can watch the sunset over the horizon.

"We are going to miss it if you don't pick up the pace! Now move your legs faster and it will be over with quicker." I pick up my pace a bit and she's right, we made it there just in the nick of time.

"Wow. This is beautiful." She says staring up at the sky with wonder and amazement.

"Ya...I guess so..." I don't know what's so great about the sky. It's Just a bunch of gases. She looks offended by this.

"Why are you so bitter? You look a thousand years old when really you're what, 17? What's caused this? You should be enjoying all the things like the sky or the way the birds chirp every morning. Some people even didn't wake up today. Do you realise what they would give just to see the sunset one more time?" She rambles on. She's right. I should lighten up.

"And what do you suggest?" I yell throwing my hands up. She smiles her million dollar smile and grabs my hand, sending bolts of electricity through me.

"I have an idea..." And we are off again, headed where ever the wind takes us. Or in my case, wherever Serenity takes us.

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