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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Serenity - A Unique Love Story

"There comes a point in your life when you realise who matters, who never did, who won't anymore, and who always will. So don't worry about the people from your past, there is a reason they didn't make it to your future."

This is the quote which I always feel connected to. We all know that life is not fair and it is really unfair to some people like me. What is the use in crying over spilled milk and I have learnt that when life gives you lemons, don't look here and there. No one will come forward to take your lemons and if you are not willing to do anything with your lemons apart from collecting more lemons, then you will hit bottom before you even realise it. So, I just follow the simple rule, "When life gives you lemons make lemonade".

I really hate my life. I can't even blame myself for my current situation. Most of the people are pushed into darkness mainly because of the choices they had made. I didn't made any wrong choices in the past but still I got ambushed by Karma.

A week ago, when I was drowning in darkness, I met an angel named Lori McDermett. She is really an angel, she changed my perception towards life. She is very young but she is very matured for her age. She loves music and her ambition in life is to become a music composer one day. She loves reading books especially biographies. She has never before written a story in her life but today she wrote a story for me. After reading the story, I realised that this angel has some real writing skills. The way she expresses a situation, the use of similes and metaphors, and the emotions, all are very strong in her writing. In this article, I'm going to share the first chapter written by this angel, Lori McDermett.



I've waited for this moment since I ever laid eyes on Shawn Harp, but now that it's here, I can't go through with it. This isn't what Serenity would want. Is it? No. She would want me to move on and let it go because "things happen".

"Please...please don't...I'm really sorry man all this happened. I didn't mean any harm I swear. I didn't kill Seren...AHHHHHH"

I couldn't let him finish that sentence because I know he poisoned the only good thing that's ever happened to me. Now she's gone. A lost soul floating around, waiting on anything to sweep her in the right direction. The time is now or never...

Nine Months Before

!BRINNNNNGGGGG! I have to cover my ears or else I swear they are going to explode. Thanks to that awful reminder that this isn't a dream, that I'm in fact still in this nightmare. Let me explain my situation a bit. My name is Cole Haven, I hate all the fake bimbos and douches who attend this jail or as most call it school. You see I'm different, I know this but the problem is everyone here just doesn't understand the reality of life. All they care about is who's going with who to prom or who just knocked up who this year. But in my honest opinion, who gives a shit? This is high school. You know the thing that magically ends in four agonising years. Anyways, I've been "bullied" ever since my second grade due to my essay over transgenders and their confusion. No one really understood, needless to say they thought I was a freak of nature. So, I have no friends, no one cares, and a whole bunch of people eating at my back. I just love life!

"Mr. Haven, you are late again". My English teacher Mrs. Pew so generously points out.

"And you're over weight. What's your point mam?" Well if she is going to state the obvious, so am I. She's fuming, like she is trying to expand herself more than ever before but it's not possible. When I say fat, I'm not using it just for fun because obesity isn't something to be taken light.

"PRINCIPLE'S OFFICE NOW!!" I can't help it. I love watching the reactions of others. I salute her in goodbye promising to be back tomorrow. The Principle's office is now my home away from home. Don is one of the only people who understands my advanced thinking and humour here at Killjoy school. Yes, I know what you are thinking. I'm on a first-name basis with the principle, but it's because I've known him all my life, he is my uncle. All of a sudden, I'm being pulled out of my world of thoughts and slammed into a wall. Then I see him. Shawn Harp. The one person who has broken all social rules to ensure that my life remains a living hell. But hey, at least he is consistent.

"Look what we have here. What is a shit face like you roaming the halls for?"

"I don't know what are YOU doing"? I snickered a bit, he was asking for that one. He glared at me and shoved me against the wall.

"You treat me with respect, got it?"

"Whatever..." I shoved him off me and kept walking, mumbling about how I can't wait to leave this jail. I was plotting my revenge, when I run into the famous Macy Slade. The rich snotty, prep girl who always has coffee in her hand. How she keeps it perfectly full at all times is beyond my head. So, yes the coffee is now all over her and yada yada...

"You...You...YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!! Why don't you ever watch where you're going".

"Aw did someone's dad cut of their credit card?", as weak as I may sound, I know everyone's weaknesses. Why? Because they are so fake. It's easy.

"When Shawn hears about this..." She kept going on and on but I've learnt to tune it out. So, here's the thing, Macy Slade is a first class slut and blonde. She and Shawn have been on and off, mainly using each other to climb the social ladder.

"HELLO?!!! Are you even listening? Uhg I swear you're stupid". She stomps off in her heels and whips her high ponytail barely missing my face as she turns. By now I've reached my uncle's office. I smile at his secretary, Jo-Anne, and head on as she nods me in.

"HONEY I'M HOME", I yell as I plop myself in a chair. He looks up from his computer looking tired and stressed. He worries too much, no matter how big or small the problem is, he still worries.

"What do I owe the pleasure of the company of my favourite nephew?"

"Well I was sent here because the dumb cow of an English teacher like to point out the obvious". My uncle sighs at this but makes no remark. He just looks down and continues typing and I start filling his files that he always leaves out. If there's is one thing I can't stand, it's a messy work place. How can people sit around in filth and accomplish anything? Then he looks up and speaks.

"We have a new student coming. Her name is Serenity Banks. She was the head of her class at her school before but is now in second..."

"Because I'm first." I interrupt.

"Well yes...Anyways she will be needing someone to to show her around tomorrow and since I have to punish you, this will have to do for now".

How is that a punishment you deserve? I HATE PEOPLE! They are all the same.

"Give me detention for a week, a month, LOCK ME IN DETENTION, JUST DON'T MAKE ME SHOW HER AROUND".

"My decision is final". He says with that voice, that just says, drop it you're not going to win this. Well, this is just another great person to add to the list that want me dead and gone. It's only one day, right? I can do this.

Lunch finally rolls around and man I can't explain how much I love lunch. It's a break in the middle of the day, just to eat. Believe it or not, I sit with actual people. It's just a group of the outcast. There's Zane Colder who can hack anything. Least to say, he's a computer genius. Then there is Liz Eclarety, she is leaning towards the dark side if I say so myself. Her hobbies include art. That's it. Next you have Alice Dayle who is just always there...Then there is Max Jawslen who is obsessed with lights. Don't ask. And lastly there's me. My only dream and goal in life is become an architect. Building the impossible is my goal. So there you have it ladies and gentleman, the outcast.

I'm now happily enjoying my sandwich when the devil and his blonde minion show up.

"Macy said you spilled her coffee all over her".

"Now, Now lets not get rash. I didn't spill her coffee intentionally on her. We both weren't looking and crashed into one another. Simple as that. Now if you excuse me, I have better things to be done". I pick up my food and leave the cafeteria with gazes burning the back of my head. Will this day just end!?

I finally make it home after the day in hell. I grab some food and head upstairs to do some research on the Serenity chick. Who names their kid Serenity? I pull out my keyboard and type her name in the search and up pops tons of things about winning a science convention at NASA or helping rebuild ecosystems. Oh God why me?!? She's a saint. Helping children's shelters, volunteering at old folks home. Does she want to be successful in life? Tomorrow is going to be like trying to manage a wildfire in a dried out forest.
To Be Continued...

After reading this first chapter, I think you all will agree that Lori has some unique writing skills. So, please encourage this budding young talent with your valuable comments and suggestions. If you find some faults in her writing, then please be open with your criticism, so that she can correct her mistakes and make improvements.


Khir Khalid said...

Nice.. the way the story goes is smooth & understandable.. unique. I like the phrase.. "when ur life give u lemons, make lemonade".. thats great.

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Nice. Hope to be there till end.

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Good and interesting........