Top 5 Most Weird Dating Websites

"Marriages are made in heaven"? Really? I don't think so because today, a majority of marriages are happening due to Internet. Yes, now days more than 70% of people find their life partner through online dating sites and other social media sites. So, does online dating really lead to happy marriages? I must admit that online dating has many flaws but it also has many advantages over face-to-face dating. Online dating has no social restrictions and it means that, people indulging in online dating are more expressive about their thoughts and their weird fetishes. Everyone of us has some weird obsession but we feel ashamed to share it face-to-face with a person. So, online dating sites are not only a platform for normal people to find their partners but they are also the most popular and flexible medium for people who have weird hobbies and problems. Today, there are thousands of dating websites and some of these websites offer their services to people who are searching for unique partners. Let's take a look at some of the most weird dating websites in the world.

1. Dating Website for Superheroes and Supervillains

Are you obsessed with superheroes and supervillians? Do you want your life partner to be a replica of your favourite superhero or supervillian. Then, SuperHarmony is the best dating site for you. Ordinary people can find extraordinary superheroes in this site and if this isn't enough for you, then you will be surprised to see that all the superhero and supervillian members of this site are clad in their original outfits. So, if you want to date Wonder Woman, you will find her in tight outfit wearing a mini skirt and if you are a woman looking for Batman, then you will find him in his best outfit with his mask and other cool gadgets. The motto of this site is simple, "Superheroes need love too".

2. Dating Site For Adult Babies

"In every real man, a child is hidden that wants to play". I think everyone will agree with me but sometimes some men are so desperate to return to their childhood that they indulge in weird fetishes. Do, you know what? Some men love to transform themselves into adult babies by literally wearing diapers. So if you are a adult baby who loves diapers and looking to date a person with your similar tastes then DailyDiapers is the best site for you. Members of this site literally behave in a childish manner. It means that, they wet their diapers and love to get spanked by their dates. This site is free to join and it is full of people who wear diapers. The homepage of this site features men and women adoring diapers in a seductive way and this will give you a clear cut picture of this site. If you don't have any fetish for diapers then I would recommend you to stay away from this weird dating site.

3. Dating Website for Women Behind Bars

This site is for men who are interested to date women who have been behind the bars. It is a fact that men love bad girls and some men are so obsessed with this factor that they are gladly willing to date and marry women who have spend their time in jail. If you are one of them then, WomenBehindBars is the perfect dating site for you. If we look at this site in a positive way, then it is really good because it gives these women the opportunity to look for their soul mates but this site has a major drawback. Do you know what? This site gives no information about the offences made by these women inmates. So, a person who is searching for his partner in this site has no idea whether his date has been sentenced to jail for some minor crimes or grave offences like murder or manslaughter. So, if you want to date a particular woman then you have to add her to your cart by paying a mere 4 dollars and you will get her mailing address. As simple as that.

4. Dating Website for Pot Smokers

Do you smoke weed and looking for a partner who also smokes weed? Then 420Dating is the perfect dating site for you. This site is a haven for marijuana lovers. For non-marijuana users, "420 friendly" is the Internet slang for "I smoke weed". This dating site doesn't encourage the use of any illegal substances but on their homepage you can see the facts, laws, and effects associated with marijuana. So, if you are tired of smoking weed alone then this site will definitely find a suitable partner for you based on your likes and dislikes.

5. Dating Website for People with STD

STD (Sexually transmitted diseases) dating sites are currently on the rise and it is a good thing because people suffering from STD's also need love because at the end of the day they are human beings like you and me. It is really difficult for a person suffering from any STD to create a bond with another person in a normal dating site. Why? Because if the sufferer tells the other person that he/she is suffering from an STD, its obvious that the other person will go away and if the sufferer waits till the relationship is developed and then tells the other person about his/her medical condition, then also the other person takes it is a betrayal and goes away. So, the logic of STD's dating sites are simple. Their members are people suffering from different STD's and they can date and marry other people suffering from similar or different STD's. Currently, PositiveSingles and are the most popular STD dating sites. STD's such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B virus, herpes, HIV, HPV, syphilis and trichomoniasis are listed in these dating sites.