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Friday, August 9, 2013

Top 5 Most Weird Medical Syndromes

A syndrome can simply be defined as a group of symptoms that together are indicative of a particular disease or disorder. Common cold and cough are the most common medical conditions we are familiar with but still there exists thousands of mundane to highly unusual medical disorders. So, which is the most dangerous well-known syndrome? Yes, it is Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). We are aware of this syndrome because it is the most fatal medical condition but do you know about any other rare and weird medical syndromes. I think some of you are familiar with human werewolf syndrome and vampire syndrome but in this article I'm going to explain about some odd diseases you have never heard of. These rare disorders are either biological or psychological or cultural in nature. While reading this for the first time, you may feel that these weird conditions are actually medical myths but no, they are as real as you and me. As a matter of fact, these weird conditions are very rare but still some unlucky people in this world suffer from these bizarre syndromes.

1. Sexsomnia Disorder

This weird and rare disorder is also known as "sleep sex". I always thought sleepwalking was the most weird medical condition but sexsomnia not only changed my perception but it also blew my mind. Why? Because a person suffering from this sleep disorder engages in sex or sexual acts while completely asleep. In short, this disorder compels a person to have sex while sleeping. This can be alone or with a partner and depending on this, the sexual acts may vary from fondling and masturbation to heterosexual and homosexual intercourse. In some rare cases, sexsomnia has been alleged as the cause of sexual assault and even rape. This disorder was officially identified in 2003 and since then it has been used as a defence against some alleged rape cases. Why? Because a sexsomniac doesn't remember the acts he had performed while he was asleep.

2. Genital Retraction Syndrome

Many surveys have proved that a majority of men are confused about the length of their manhood. I think, there is no moment more anxiety-inducing in a young man’s life than the first time he measures his manhood. I think most of the men will agree with me. So, how this is connected to genital retraction syndrome (GRS)? When the confusion about the size of genitals turns into a mental disorder, then it is assumed that the person is suffering from GRS. Let me explain it more clearly. It is a culture specific syndrome. People suffering from this syndrome believe that their external genitals are shrinking or slowly disappearing into their bodies. If the sufferer is a male then he believes that his penis is shrinking and if it is a female then she believes that her nipples are shrinking. This genital-shrinkage anxiety is mostly common in Asia and Africa, so it also known as "Penis panics" in these areas. In extreme cases, this syndrome can cause physical injury. How? This syndrome can compel a man to perform manual penile traction by using some clamping devices and an anxious female sufferer may pull her nipples or even insert iron pins into her nipples. Scientifically nothing has been proved to support this belief but some people attribute this condition to witchcraft and superstition.

3. Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

AIWS is also known as "Todd's syndrome" or "lilliputian hallucinations". So you will be thinking how "Alice in Wonderland" and "Gulliver's travels" are connected? If you had read these books then you will know that one thing is common between them, yes, the theme used in both of these books are similar. So, a person suffering from this syndrome literally lives in a world filled with wonder and Lilliputians. How? This is a disorienting neurological condition which affects human perception. A person with AIWS sees a object as either much smaller or larger than it is. Alteration of body image as well as alteration of visual perception occurs in this weird disorder. The symptoms of AIWS are fairly common in childhood but still some people carry it to their mid 30's. AIWS occurs when abnormal amounts of blood is pumped into the brain due to some abnormal electrical activity. This more than necessary blood supply to the brain affects the visual perception of a person. This condition is often associated with migraines and hallucinogenic drugs.

4. Walking Corpse Syndrome

Scientifically this syndrome is known as "Cotard's syndrome". If you are fan of Zombies then this syndrome will definitely surprise you. Why? Because this syndrome literally turns a person into a zombie. How? People suffering from this syndrome have the delusional belief that they are dead, decaying, or have lost their blood or internal organs. Weird delusion, isn't it? Apart from all these delusions, some sufferers also believe that they are immortal. A person passes through three distinct stages before becoming a chronic Zombie. In the first two stages, a person exhibits psychotic depression and withdraws himself from others. In the final stage, the person experiences severe hallucinations and chronic depression. This syndrome is associated with brain damage, schizophrenia, or other mental illness.

5. Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

PSAS is also known as "Restless Genital Syndrome". What is the most interesting part of a sexual act? Yes, defintely the orgasm. Female orgasm is a mysterious topic and this syndrome makes this topic a real enigma. How? This syndrome causes spontaneous, persistent, and uncontrollable genital arousal in women. The weird fact is that these orgasms occur without any sexual desire. The physical arousal caused by this syndrome can persist for weeks at a time. It means that, a woman suffering from this syndrome will experience 200 plus orgasms each and every day. That is more than any woman can ask for. The sufferer has no control over these orgasms and it can be really embarrassing if the orgasms occur in public places, or in meetings, or even when the sufferer is having a dinner with her parents. Orgasms might provide a temporary relief but within a few hours, the sufferer is again bombarded with an onslaught of orgasms. The best and the worst thing about this syndrome is that there is no known effective cure.


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